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Hello everyone! My name is Ilse Hilhorst, and I am the owner of Hilhorst Management. Hilhorst Management is a virtual assistant company that focusses on helping smaller businesses find their strength and boost their marketing & branding.

I was born and raised in a small town in the Netherlands. This is where I have lived all my life and the place I truly call home. This is also where my company originates. It all started out as me working many different part time contract jobs. Eventually, I found a request at the local Facebook group of a local business owner who was looking for a virtual assistant. To me, this sounded like a fun challenge. I sent her my CV that same day, and within two weeks I was hired as her virtual assistant.

At this point, I realised that it would make way more sense to start my own company. Something that had been a big dream for me, for many years. Within a few months, I applied for a company and Hilhorst Management was born!


Since then, I have not looked back for a second. Requests kept flooding in while I was still setting up the logistics of my company. By now, I am slowly catching up with just the basic needs for the company while I am already fully booked.

All of this, and yet I have technically not even officially announced yet that I am now a business owner.
This promises to be the start of an amazing chapter in my life.

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