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Welcome to Tuesday, week 12!

I would like to share something random with you all today. Obviously, today is Tuesday, but I was wondering: My schedule is basically the same every day. I do not particularly distinguish between workdays and weekends. Yet for some reason, Mondays always still feel heavier and weekends still always feel lighter… Make it make sense… Because I do not know why.
Is this a mental thing? Where the whole world is just radiating Monday energy? Or would it be that I get more messages during the workdays from clients and friends, which feels like it is a busier day, making me more exhausted? I definitely receive most emails and other messages on Mondays, so maybe that could be it?

Yesterday and today I was a bit busier with meeting up again. On Monday, I had a meeting with a business contact I have made thought LinkedIn where we just spoke about recent updates in our work and where we want to go from here on. It was more of a catching up meeting than a business meeting, but – even though it was a fun conversation – it felt like I had spend a full morning talking with someone that did not particularly enrich me or give me energy or anything “valuable” in that sense. Which is a shame of course, but that is part of life.

This afternoon I spent with my grandmother again. I have made it a rule to visit her every week to have some Starbucks coffee and cake together, and it has become such a lovely way to spend my time. Every time the weather is nice, we just sit in her backyard – in the sun – talking about nonsense while sipping our coffee. Even when I still feel very anxious about eating, and can get a bit nauseous, I just happily leave the cake behind and just talk with her instead. It has almost become like a moment for meditation as the energy is so calming when I am just sitting with her talking about my weekly affaires and preparations for South Korea.
I feel incredibly blessed to still have her in my life, and even more so that I have the time to visit her every week during this project, but I do find it hard to imagine leaving for half year and not truly being able to sit with her like this anymore for such a long time. After all, let’s be fair, she is not the youngest anymore and definitely a bit physically impaired, so I worry for her when being gone for such a long time. But then again, that is probably why I love spending time with her so much these days. I want to enjoy every minute I have with her before I leave.

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