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Hey everyone, welcome back. Today is Sunday, week 11.

Today, I do not have that much to report on. After the many busy days I have had the past two weeks, all I am doing these days is catching up with my regular work. I personally find it very hard to regulate my regular work whenever I leave the house a lot and I am not quite sure why. Whenever I see other people live their lives, it sometimes feels like they are able to navigate a job, social life and school in such an easy way, but whenever I have one meeting too many during a week I am behind on my regular work.

Maybe it is simply because I like to keep myself busy, and my regular work schedule is simply more than what is healthy, but I like it on the regular… It makes me feel productive and I never have a moment where I need to ask myself how to fill the boredom. Even though boredom is a good thing. Many great inventions come from people who were bored, after all.

I guess that is a question I can ask myself after these weeks are done. At the very least I feel like I am long overdue on a holiday. Due to Covid, I have not had a holiday in about 3 years now, if not longer. The Covid years were a great excuse to just keep working, since we could not leave the country anyways, but I think those choices are starting to catch up to me.

At the very least, I am very grateful to have a few slower days coming up so I can truly focus on my regular work and project again.

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