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Hey everyone! Welcome back. Today is Thursday week 11.
Today is a full rest day for me. I am, of course, doing some work! But I am definitely taking a physical day off.

Yesterday was a very interesting day! I was invited (with a large group of other students) to a tour through the Microsoft building next to Schiphol (Amsterdam).

This was an initiative set up by a teacher of HU, who invited a group of “interesting students” to introduce them to the company and see how Microsoft is working with student communities and how to advertise towards them.

It was a fun day of touring the building, getting information on the latest releases of Microsoft and having a brainstorm session about what kind of services/apps could be interesting in improving time management for the average Joe.
A fun day overall!

Especially PLOs 4 and 5 of the Self Managing Professional was properly touched upon today, as our service/app creation was done in diverse teams.
It was legitimitely fun to just sit down with a diverse group of students and discuss what our app should look like.
I have definitely noticed in myself that I either am VERY hands on, or I just let the group figure things out without me interfering at all. Today was a hands off day. I just listened to everyone’s opinions and only added my opinion when asked or when the conversation became a loop of the same opinions.

I ended up volunteering for being the photographer of the day, and I think it was a great choice for me!
Even though I now had to carry another bag with a very heavy camera with me, I had a lot of fun finding the right angles and just getting a bit more out of the day than JUST listening to what they are saying.
I have noticed over the years that I am easily bored, and the sales pitch just does not matter that much to me. So this was perfect way to stay mentally active and still experience the day!

I will say though. Because the teacher wanted to paint us in a positive light, we had to come dressed “professionally”. I think I took that a bit too serious after the rule was to “not wear sneakers”. Because I ended up wearing heels all day, and that was just no fun, haha!
My feet hurt today, so I am planning on giving them a proper break.

Today, I also spoke with Sebastiaan. He reminded me of a video that I had to watch about what it takes to be successful in life. A show called “Undercover Billionaire”.
And Sebastiaan’s conversation could not have come at a better time. I was struggling a lot with my self worth, and procrastination due to doubt. But this conversation demanded from me to look at myself and how I view my worth. It made me realize how little I still think of myself. How little I “value” my services on, even though I do seriously good work with solid results for my customers.
So, to make up for lost time, I started watching the show. I am now only 1,5 hours in, but I am starting to see where I am going wrong in life.
I don’t want to give the clue, you need to realize that on your own. But I will give you the video to watch. 6 hours seems like a VERY long time to watch, but believe me. I truly believe it can change your attitude towards life forever.

I definitely know it has for me.


  • Sebastiaan says:

    You know I got you at any time, all of you. We often see so little in ourselves and that is when we need to view ourselves through the eyes of our friends and loved ones, those who believe in our strength no matter what. Keep killing it, we all believe in you <3

  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Wow, it must be really cool to visit the Microsoft building, you should definitely take some pics and share them with us, or here in your blogs. And I hope the conversation with Seb can help you again to get out of the shades. You need to cheer yourself up some time, the reason why you are getting tired or self-doubting, maybe you just ask too much from yourself, and over-thinking. You need rest not only in your body but also mentally, and you really need to find something in your life that you truly love and it can always cheer you up when you are down, for example, music is my soulmate.

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