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Welcome to Tuesday week 11!

Guess what? Today I feel like once again I have nothing to report on. It is getting quite frustrating! I feel like I am working really hard, and yet there is nothing to report on. I do research, I work on my company, I am trying to find ways to get more cash flow going (part of the financial KPI’s). It is QUITE essential for me at this point, as it is also part of my revenue, which has been low lately.

Yesterday was a completely lost day. I woke up very late and was just feeling unwell. I had no energy and just no desire to do anything.

I did do work of course, I had enough to catch up to after days of not being home, but physically I was not there.

I feel like I am constantly mentally out of breath. Like I am working extremely hard in my brain, but because of it I have absolutely nothing happening on the physical side.

Today was not much better. I had much more energy, but had a therapy session in the morning. No issue, right? You go to the session, and when you are home you can start doing work again. And I feel like I have done near to nothing. I have so much I want to do, and so many projects for my company that are waiting on me…. And I just don’t do them.

It is procrastination of the highest order and it is making me stressed. I am worried about doing a new job wrong, and so I do not even start. Which is worse! I know that! Just getting started often proves that it is way worse in your head than in reality, and STILL I am procrastinating to the point where clients start asking how far I am!

So that will be my focus these upcoming days. Getting over myself, telling myself that I am better than this, and getting things off the ground.


  • Sebastiaan says:

    STEP BACK RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY, do not be hard on yourself right now. You know you do what you can and you aint slacking. Go in with a fresh mind and see how far you come and keep doing this process

  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Well, I felt something went wrong as soon as I read the topic today XD. I have the same feeling don’t really know what to report nowadays, probably cuz we wrote too many blogs in this term, and also we have almost done with our projects, so we don’t have new things to report on. For me I’m just trying to reflect more about myself as a person, instead of just the project, since the missions are almost done in this block, I want to dig into more of my personal developments. Perhaps, you can do the same next time.

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