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Hello! Welcome to Sunday, week 10.

Today I struggle with one simple thought: Where did the time go?!
The weeks seem to pass so fast, and I feel like I have done absolutely nothing with my time!

Don’t get me wrong, when I truly break it down, I realise I have done quite a bit, but I feel like I have so little to show for it! Is this what our teachers meant with how frustrating doing research is? Just the endless search for information, to then write maybe a few sentences about it…
I have watched, listened to, and read SO MANY articles/books/videos/etc. And I feel like I have done absolutely nothing with so many weeks.

All I can think now is: Should I just embrace it? Or go full force in the time I still have?

I kinda lean towards the latter… But I always do. I am bad at giving up.

So, what have I been doing these past 3 days?
On Friday, I worked most of the day to then go out for dinner with a friend. I went specifically to test if I could eat out. And I could! It was very concentrated with very low expectations, but no nausea, and no other bigger issues. I didn’t eat much, but enough to have a positive night.

On Saturday, I helped out at my local tennisclub all afternoon behind the bar. I do this quite often (maybe more so before the pandemic). It is a very nice way of being social for me. Nobody can get close, I get the chance to talk to people I know well from my years of playing tennis, and I get to be busy with serving drinks and making food. It is a very nice balance for me!
But it is physically exhausting. Even just 4 hours is quite heavy. A lot of squats to reach bottles below the bar (everything is stored in small fridges) and just a lot of running around.

Needless to say, today is a no-movement day, just doing some work.


  • Sebastiaan says:

    You know why we make pictures in the gym before we start the journey and along side? It is because once in it, you dont see the progress only if you compare it with hard evidence from the past, than you can see what changed

  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Time flies isn’t it? I assume everyone has the same feeling, that’s why I said in our last group meeting, I have to learn how to push myself in this term, otherwise, I lose motivation, and the time goes fast so that I won’t be able to finish anything. But this term is about to end, I hope that everyone has achieved what they planned and Gl with the final report I guess!

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