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Hello everybody! Today is Sunday, week 9.

All I truly can think about today is the fact that my feet hurt.
On Friday, I had a very interesting day! In the morning, I spoke with a new client of mine who wishes to look into selling on Amazon. Something I have never done before and am incredibly excited to get started on!

During the evening, I had a get together with a dear friend of mine who got his diploma for Intensive Care nursing! I could not be prouder for him, and the evening was a lot of fun! 
He had invited a small group of his close friends to celebrate this incredible achievement, and it was the good kind of chaotic all night. 

However, I will say that standing non-stop from 7:30 pm -1:30 am is more than my body is used to at this point.. 6 hours of standing still had done a number on my legs.

Nonetheless, I had promised my mother to go shopping with her on Saturday! Great planning, I know. I am paying the price today. 
Have you ever had that your feet were already hurting a LOT before going out walking for a full day? I do not recommend it… It was a painful experience. 
The shopping was fun, but the pain was intense.

So! For today, you can find me in my blanket fort, while I do not move one muscle. My legs are dead, and have grown twice their size due to bloating by over exhaustion. 

Today, I will dedicate to self study and client work. 
I have started to talk more positively to myself on a regular basis… Positive affirmations like “I attract positive energy”, “I am abundant”, “I am enough, good things will find their way towards me”. And maybe it sounds very dumb and flower-powery to you, but it really helps me. It gives a nice balance with the natural negative voice in my head that loves to worry. By saying that everything happens for a reason, and that this is just a preparation for the good stuff, I can find peace on days where I struggle.

I truly believe incredible things are waiting just beyond the horizon for me, so I will keep enjoying the ride until they find their way towards me.


  • Yimeng Yang says:

    LOL fascinating start with your feet hurts, that was hilarious. But it’s understandable that a crazy party or ceremony is supposed to be chaotic right? Maybe a massage? I hope your feet are still alright after these two “feet broken” days. There is no more that I can talk about, so I guess I will see you in the next blog!

  • Sebastiaan says:

    Am i the only one seeing that pinguin from happy feet while reading the title, no? Great !
    Oeh I can HYU with someone for massages if you want, great to start the day after that, it will feel like you have never walked before.

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