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Good evening! Welcome to baby leaps! I do not know why, but my title for today reminds me of a kid’s show or something.
Today is Thursday, week 6.

If you are very perceptive, you might already understand the direction this blog is going in. The baby steps have turned into baby leaps!
Still not the distance an adult can traverse, but incredible distances for a baby.

Let’s start with the mental, and end with the theoretical.

Today, I get to report on how well my non-negotiables are affecting my daily routine and health. They are working! Even though they are still in baby shoes (pun intended), they are having a positive effect on my productivity and even social availability.

Yesterday, I had planned to go to the movie with a friend (Fantastic Beasts, it was fun!). However, the last time I went to the movies, I got nauseous during the movie – to the point where I was debating to leave – and was completely exhausted the second we walked out of the theater.
Yesterday however, went very different! Before the movie, we took a walk to a local toko to grab some Korean food supplies. Afterwards, I was able to watch the full movie with only one small moment of “physical tension” where I felt that thought creep in the back of my mind that I might be getting sick, which passed fairly quickly, and was able to eat a small meal at Mc Donalds afterwards! Not quite the report a healthy human gives, but a HUGE step in my own progress, and worthy of a celebratory wiggle if you ask me.

Now on to the theoretical and actual project progress:

Today was HU Talks day! During the evening, HU Talks was held and the wonderful speakers shared their insights about the changing professional environment after our pandemic. It was an online event that I attended and recorded for my own project during these weeks. This is all the footage I still needed to be able to start creating the project I wanted to do these weeks.

My plan for the project is to create a type of after movie and introduction to honours and HU Talks. The honours community is in need of a little support and more publicity, so the aim is to create videos which can be used to excite new students into joining this cause.
My goal is to create this video during these upcoming weeks. At the very least, the content I need is provided! The endless hours of editing can now start 😅 Wish me luck….

Tomorrow is a very exciting day! I will get to pick up my passport (finally!) that I had been stressing over 2 weeks ago!
This will mean that I FINALLY get to finish my application for my study abroad to South Korea, and signals my commitment to the plan of action. Furthermore, I have enrolled for a Korean language course through Coursera – which also gives you a certificate of completion – which is set up to take about 5 weeks with around 3 hours study load per week. My goal is to finish it much sooner, but that is a goal, not a must. I know the value of knowing a local language, and definitely wish to at least speak and write basic Korean by the time I travel to the country.

I definitely am excited to get started!


  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Firstly, I would like to say that I have enjoyed reading this blog, and I like the tile and the pic that you select for this week. And that was a good question is that “what you can do now but you can’t last year?” This means compare with your last year, did you learn anything new this year. My answer is that building a website or play more musical instruments. Those two things make me very proud of myself. But anyway, I liked the context of this blog, I could see your passion of your project, and I hope that you could enjoy editing the video, I wish you GL.

  • Your cinema day sounds nice! It was a baby leap that you managed to go out and enjoy your day. Even though for a moment you felt bad you managed to escape from the feeling and continue enjoying yourself.
    Sadly I was not able to join the HU Talks. I hope the event was a success and I cant wait to see the after movie. Because the Honours program is definitely something nice but not recognized but it should be. I hope your project is a success! Learning the basics of Korean is a big challenge. Something that might help is watching a lot of movies short videos and songs with subtitles. So you would be able to be more and more familiar with the language. Good luck with finishing it earlier!

  • Sebastiaan says:

    Taking care of yourself, no matter how small I love it. Goodluck with learning the language.

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