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Welcome back! Today is Thursday, week 5.
Last time we spoke, I was moving into my volunteering/project work for HU Talks. On Monday, I had a meeting with a teacher and a friend on our plan of attack. Yesterday, this friend and I worked on getting a storyboard ready for this project.

Today, I realized that this project will take longer than I had scheduled myself for. In my original planning, I had set 3 weeks for self-study, 3 weeks for project work, and then 10 weeks of implementation. However, I now realize this schedule is incredibly disfunctional, even if I had felt great from day one.

Self-study alone already takes much more time than 3 weeks worth of hours. For every 4 hours of self-study, I might be able to implement 1 hour of “implementation”. Simultaneously, the project is not a full time commitment that can be finished in 3 weeks. Only the preparation of it has now taken 1 full week, and HU Talks (which content I need for my project) is next week. That is basically one week of waiting for content. Not very efficient.

Therefore, after a bit of brainstorming, I realize that it is time to throw my planning out of the window. Let’s be honest, it was out during the first weeks already.

I do wish to keep a proper schedule, but it needs to be more diverse. I want to pivit towards a more all-in-one approach and do self-study, project work, ├índ implementation every week for these upcoming weeks. I find it a bit scary to change everything this much this “late” into the project, but I guess that is life. Those who can adapt are most likely to thrive/survive.

For the upcoming days, I will be focusing on a new strategy. New goals will follow in future blogs!


  • I know you like working on schedule and have everything planned. And I understand that because it gives you structure and if I can call it some security in your life. But as you said throwing the schedule out of the window might work better.

  • Sebastiaan says:

    To plan or not to plan, you know I once watched a ted talk that said you need to plan over a longer period than you intented to. Example: instead of saying I want to work out 1 hour a day, you say I want to work out 7 hours a week. You wont beat yourself up about it and you can spread it amongst the week (flexible).

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