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Hello! Good day to all you lovely people!
Today marks Tuesday week 5, welcome!

It is about time for an in-dept update on how progress is actually going, isn’t it?
I have been very vocal about my struggles thoughout these past weeks, and even though I have touched base a few times, the numbers are lacking, aren’t they?

So let us commence!
To date, I have been able to finish my reading the 4-hour workweek (by Timothy Ferris), have followed and finished 8 Skillshare courses on how to drive traffic, social media engagement, entrepreneurialism and many of the “logistical” topics within my project. And to top it off, my own website now has a proper newsletter for anybody interested in following my journey or blog posts in general!

Is this as much as I had planned? No, I’d say about 1/3 of what I wanted to do. BUT, considering I was mentally and physically deceased for about three weeks, I would say I can be pretty happy!

And happy is the magic word for today. Because that is what I slowly start to be again; happy!
I can feel that I start to get that spring in my step back, slowly but surely, and it feels like heaven.

Eating is definitely still a challenge, and the mental hurdle of “will it sit right still?” is definitely still in the back of my mind constantly. But I catch myself singing and dancing through the house again, with today definitely taking the cake. I am constantly brainstorming on what I can do to improve my methods of working, and my productivity has definitely skyrocketed.

These upcoming weeks are technically planned for “project work”, or simply put: the volunteering. Yesterday, I had a meeting with one of the passionate teachers of my school about HUTalks. An honours initiative where professionals (or students!) talk about current topics to provide guidance.
For this initiative, they are looking for somebody who could make introductory and promotional videos for future reference. I volunteered to help with this! Therefore, this will be my task for the upcoming weeks. Yesterday, we spoke about the outline, and tomorrow I will sit with a dear friend of mine to go through the storyboard for these videos.

I also realized something in my thoughts of “being behind on schedule”. I am not behind. There is enough time to catch up.
My project is in no way conventional and does not adhere to the 9 to 5 standard in any way. I still work on my project during the weekends, and evenings are when I am most creative and get the grindy tasks done. Even only adding the weekends to the equation should prove that I can easily make up for lost time, and I can do it with a smile on my face with mornings for working out and mental health! I was measuring with the wrong tool, and getting worked up for nothing. If I pace myself in a healthy way, I can get everything done and more. And you bet your butt I am planning on doing so!

Today signals the happy dance period! I have been happy-dancing for the whole day and have no plans on quiting any time soon.

Are you feeling the vibes? Because I think you are long overdue for a happy dance!
I provide the tunes, you get your dance pants on!


  • Toufic Elcure Alvarez says:

    Great to hear about your progress with the self study and project in spite of your health situation. You should be pretty happy and proud about it! It can be difficult to come back to your rhythm after being knocked out for some time.

    I think you have come to an interesting realization. Nowadays we have come to realize the 9 to 5 schedule does not fit everyone. And why would it? we are diverse on how we think and we work. As long as the work is done and the project allows it, why should we stick to such arbitrary schedule. Of when we are most productive. Here is an interesting read about it, in case you want to learn more about it:
    Keep up the good work Ilse.

  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Considering your mental and physical circumstances for the last few weeks, it’s well done that you could achieve 1/3 of what you wanted to do., I hope that you can keep it up. And I’m glad to hear that you feel happy again! I was even smiling when I was reading it LOL., I can feel your vibe, I hope when the next time I see you, you could still have these energy.

  • Keep up with the magic mood. I hope you will keep up with the good work and be back on track. Because for volunteering except for energy you do need to be happy and inspired or maybe the event itself will inspire you to fully contribute to the goal.
    Despite your health situation, I think you managed to do a lot and that you haven’t abandoned your projects and just say ”I can’t deal with this”.You showed strength once again .
    Keep up with the magic mood and good work!

  • Sebastiaan says:

    Not being at your best and still getting results, it is amazing and you know it deep down, but you are hard on yourself. You showed who you are, just like you do every day. Funny to think that special ops their motto’s are also applicable to your way of living.

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