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Thursday, week 4. Pfff, so much has happened in 2 days! Not in “I got the opportunity of a lifetime!” but more in a “I see improvement in how things are going!” way.
My last blog was definitely a turning point in perspective for me. Do not get me wrong, I am an exhausted mess right now. BUT, I am doing a whole lot better perspective-wise than I did three days ago.

On Wednesday, I took a complete social time-out. I truly did not check social media for the day, and I told close friends that I would not be online all day. What an experience! I truly felt so much better that day than I have felt for months. I had a headache, I was tired, I could not eat well, and yet I was listening to music and crying and letting everything just go. Might sound a bit odd, but music used to hit me emotionally a lot for most of my life, but lost its touch these past few months. I literally stopped listening to music to listen. I was only hearing it to fill the void.
Yeah, that is not happening anymore. I immediately felt like the music was lifting me up again and truly fueling me like it used to do. Breathtaking!



These refreshing winds only continued today!
I have had the most productive day in ages. I am catching up on Skillshare courses like crazy, and have been reading my 4-hour workweek book again! I am actually starting to get some traction again.

I will say, my walk on Tuesday did a number on me! I walked for an hour, which would normally be fine. However, I forgot that I had not moved in little over a month and had absolutely no physical stability to keep myself upright for an hour long walk.

Yesterday, my complete core was BURNING and pretty much inflamated. Today is no different, haha!
A gentle note to self: Exercise is essential, but stop being an idiot. Future-you thanks you.

So to wrap it up:
Today I will moan and complain while putting my brain to use in a way that I love.
Talk to you on Sunday!


  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Please don’t give up on listening to music Ahhh, as a producer I get your point, when you cry to a song, that only means you have certain relation with the song, and good music is from the soul, it could give you hope and inspire you. That’s one of the most important reasons, why I always want to be a music producer, I want to make people happy, especially, the people around me, I want my audiences to have a certain feeling or atmosphere when they listen to my music. So keep it up, I believe that music will heal you. Until next time!

  • It is crazy how much social media is in our life that we even need a break from it. I support fully social media day and I think that you should do it more often it will help you to focus more on yourself. Also, stop looking constantly on your phone or computer which is existing for you mentally and physically. Music is something that always helps me in whatever mood I am in. I feel even sometimes that it is my best friend I can cry or laugh or just try to focus it can help me with everything. Keep the positive energy i am sure that better days are coming.

  • Sebastiaan says:

    I once took a look with kevin towards how much screen time can negatively affect your brain and let me tell you I think that this group is way beyond that screen time on a daily basis. Log off and take some fresh air / enjoy the offline world.

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