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Sunday, week 3 of this individual journey. Let us start off by saying that this week has been an emotional rollercoaster.
However, for the details I would rather refer to the other blogs. In this one, I wish to reflect on the ups, the downs, and the achievements despite the downs.

This week has not been fun. There is no way to sugarcoat it, I have been through the ringer these few weeks and this week definitely was the icing on the cake. From slowly starting to feel a little bit better, to falling back down and going for another round by Covid. One more week of only being able to do the absolute bare minimum. Definitely not my style.

But, this week has also proven to me how deep my resiliance lies. For even when I had to make peace with the fact that I would not be able to do anything that I had set up for myself, I found ways to overcome this hardship. Definitely not without tears, but I will gladly take the tears and cherish the growth.

For this week, I reflect on the finding of a different path.
I realized early on that I would not be able to read the books – or do the courses – that I had planned (for now). So I did what I do best and found an alternative. On Thursday, I paid for a Skillshare account and have been following marketing and social media courses on how to engage your audience, what social media platforms look for, and how to grow you influence.

It is not the way I wish to learn, it is far from the interactive “hands on” approach that I like, but I learn! I grow during these classes.
They teach me something new every time, and because I only have to listen, it does not cost me my full day’s worth of energy or concentration.

I stay determined that I can make the most out of these weeks, even if we are ways past the “start” of this journey.
I refuse to sit down and give up on my desires. I can postpone them, but they will not be left behind.

For now, I have decided to truly give myself the rest that I seem to need. For the first time in many years, I do not set my alarm clock anymore. I am a notorious deep-sleeper and have always set an alarm clock because otherwise I will literally sleep until 2pm on a Wednesday. Even if I went to bed on time… I know, it is weird, I do not get it either.

For now, no more alarm clocks! Once I start feeling better, I will work on getting my rhythm back. For now, health is priority. After that comes my clients, and then the courses I can follow. Today, I celebrate the baby steps.
I can see my next step.

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  • Stela Stoycheva says:

    I know how hard you work and even really often you are overdoing yourself feel like maybe your body needed a break from everything course sickness is always really bad and I’m glad that you didn’t had something even more serous. You are a strong women! You can make it! I love this quality about you that even when you are sick you found a way to follow your program and you are no staying behind. Stay strong. I hope you will feel better soon and start doing the things that you love in full force .

  • Yimeng Yang says:

    Well, we have to admit that sometimes plans are a bit different than the realities, but having a plan in advance is always a wise choice. I know that you have been through a lot those days, and I hope everything could be back in the right direction soon. But still, I enjoy reading your blogs, you are a smart and creative person, there are lots of things that I wish I could learn from you. I will see you next week! 頑張って!

  • Sebastiaan says:

    If you are not taking rest when you need it, then your body will force you to take rest. Never forget that.

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