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Welcome back to the weekly updates!
Today is Tuesday, week 3 of the individual project.

I have discovered that my recovery has been going very slowly these past weeks. To the point where I tried to just “force” myself to pick up the pieces, as being a new business owner does not particularly financially allows you to take a month off unexpectedly. It has been incredibly difficult to have enough concentration each day to do my work. The one or two hours I have each day go completely to keeping my business running and my clients happy. Not quite the venture I had set up.

This morning, I once again helped at the local elementary class with Ukrainian refugees. This time, I did not feel great all morning. Much worse actually than the previous time.
This, in combination with some soreness in my throat, made me decide to take a Covid test once more.

Lo and behold! After 3 weeks of a regular flu, I have now moved into a positive test for Covid. This realization signaled a new low in my mental state. For now, not only have I not been able to work at a normal speed for the past 3 weeks. This test proves that it will probably still take me much longer to heal. These weeks are chipping away frighteningly fast and there is nothing I can do to change it. The theme of today’s mental state is definitely melancholic.

Nonetheless, there is one thought that provides me with some kind of comfort… The realization that Rome was not built in a day, and neither are my goals in life. The greatest leaders in our lives have been through hardship as well. What made them special was their ability to find alternatives when they hit a blockade.

Therefore, that is exactly what I will be focusing on this week. If one road closes, another one will open. I might not be able to read a book, or work on a Google Garage course, but I can listen to podcasts or videos. So that is what I will do.

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  • Stela Stoycheva says:

    That is unfortunate that after long weeks of flu, now you have Covid. But you are completely right Rome was not build in a day and neither your goals. Use the time wisely to rest and recharge and be ready for new challenges.
    Get well soon !

  • Yimeng Yang says:

    It’s nice to hear that you are volunteering at local elementary class with Ukrainian refugees, you are always kind and hospitable, that are some really good traits, please keep it up. And I’m sorry to hear that get a positive on the Covid test. I hope that you could recover soon!

  • Sebastiaan says:

    We all got bad luck regarding our health dont we? I love how Stela makes the rome comment, dont rush things to much, otherwise you ll push yourself so hard that you might not see your results.

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