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Today is Tuesday, week 2 of the individual project. It is one of the first days since getting the flu where I feel like I can sit up straight for longer than 30 minutes. It is quite refreshing!
Yesterday, I spent most of my afternoon with a new client who wishes to get help organizing their life a bit more. From getting more insight into their financial expenditure, to making full meal plans and exercising routines for them.

Eventhough I have not been able to focus on my self study like I would have liked to, conversations with clients like these help me to put matters into perspective.

We all have our own struggles and even the most successful people on this planet have their own “weaknesses”. There is simply a difference in how you deal with your weaknesses. Those who are considered successful in life are no better than those who are not. It is generally a matter of how to harvest your skills effectively and outsource, or streamline, the skills you are lacking.

To give an example: I live with my parents. I have been making mealplans and looking up recipes for them for years, but I have done this to help out. There was little to no returns on these actions for me.
However, with this new client, I do the exact same work while being paid my top hourly rate for doing so. It is a perspective that I still struggle to grasp, as the work seems so basic to me, but for someone who has no time (or energy) to prepare these steps it can be life-changing.

I hope to keep putting things into this perspective, as it is exactly what I need to learn in these upcoming weeks. I personally struggle a lot with perfectionism and imposter syndrome. These moments of reflection can help a lot in pushing myself towards a healthier approach to work expectations.

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