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Today is Saturday. It is technically the end of my first project week. Yet, it is only the second day where I feel like I was physically and mentally capable of doing any type of work I had planned for myself.
Considering where I came from after this flu, I would say it is incredible progress and worthy of a small celebration.

Today, I spend my time on doing some work for one of my clients. I manage her Instagram and Facebook accounts, and I had to plan the content for this upcoming week. Another task was for a new client. He came to me with a cry for help to organise his life a bit better for him. His financial overview is a mess and he forgets to properly plan his meals and workouts. This request for structure is exactly up my alley and in no-time I was able to create some basic templates we can work in together to get his life back on track. I must say, the whole personal assistant life seemed so far away from me, but the more I work with people one-on-one, the more I feel the itch to work more towards the life coach and personal assistant side. It is a fascinating job to get the opportunity to help somebody so intimately, and seeing the results it makes in someone’s life is extremely rewarding. It makes me want to consider moving into giving trainings or advice towards these topics. Maybe a fun business adventure a bit further down the road. I cannot deny that starting my read on the 4-hour work week by Timothy Ferriss has lit a new flame in me, and I am excited to start focussing on my own ventures again.

My day consisted of preparation. During my illness, I came to quite a few realisations. One of them being that in the grand scheme of “needing to meet deadlines or school and work”, the deadlines themselves became worthy of more love than my own ability to enjoy anything. I became a slave to my own mind towards the glory of “the hussle” while losing my ability to enjoy any of my hobbies. I would still practise them! But it was always on request. I did some facepaint twice this last year, both times were because others asked me if I could paint them. The hobby was practised, but the intent was people pleasing and “checking off another task”.
In my realisation, I made a deal with myself: It is time to bring back the joy you once felt. For the sake of my mental and physical health.

And so, on this beautiful Saturday, I did all my preparatory work for the upcoming week so I can have tomorrow off. I have not had a Sunday off as long as I can remember. It is never a busy day, but it has never been a FREE day. This time, I have the full day off to do whatever I wish to do. Whether that is gaming, facepainting, reading, working on my company or just simply sleeping all day… That is for tomorrow to decide. However, today I can say the choices I made were truly for myself.

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  • You should put yourself FIRST always !Do the things that you love and give you positive energy and good vibes because this will charge emotionally. And then you will be more motivated to do the work that you are so devoted. Don’t forget about yourself!

  • Sebastiaan says:

    You are number one, when are you taking your own advice? Without you being at your best you dont move the way you want to. You cant come far with flat tires.
    Give yourself an emotional APK

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